It’s Fall, What Do I Plant?

Finally, Fall has arrived!  It’s been a long, hot summer in Southern California.  While we likely have some hot days ahead of us, soon we’ll be able to turn off the AC, pick out out Halloween costumes, and enjoy some cool afternoons in the yard.  Fall is also a great time to plant trees and shrubs – it’s not too hot and gives plants a chance to root before the coldest months of winter in January and February.

We have a number of palms and plants available now that will thrive by being planted in October and November.  A couple of my favorites are windmill palmspodocarpus, bird of paradise.

A couple of tips for planting in the Fall:

  1. Don’t overwater.  It’s not as hot so you don’t need to water like it was the middle of July.  If you’re planting large palms, deep water the roots.  For smaller plants 5-15 gal, I recommend watering a couple of times a day for shorter durations to allow the water to soak in without running off.
  2. Ensure adequate sunlight reaches the plant.  Since the days are shorter, if the plant requires sun throughout the day, don’t start digging in an area that won’t see a good amount of light until April.
  3. Plant more mature plants.  When planting in the fall, it’s a good idea to plant larger containers.  This makes the roots less susceptible to the elements and gives the plant a better opportunity to establish itself during the winter and spring months.  Remember, plants don’t generally grow as fast when it’s cooler.


Feel free to contact me or any of the staff at Pala Mesa Nursery for more information on planting in the Fall.  Call us at 760-518-1707 or come by and see us at the nursery. We’re located at 3235 Old Highway 395 Fallbrook, CA 92028.

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